Yoga – What is SmartFLOW® Yoga?

Kristina is a Yoga Alliance 200 E-RYT and a Certified SmartFLOW® Yoga teacher.

What is SmartFLOW® Yoga?

Smart, deliberate and intelligent sequencing, this method of yoga, created and founded by master yoga teacher, Annie Carpenter in Los Angeles, concentrates heavily on alignment, strength building and pranayama (breath control).

FLOW-ing fluid movements coupled with classical yoga and modern anatomical breakdowns, help the practitioner move from a place of freedom and ease. This practice is designed to deepen one’s dharana (concentration) with mindful intent and intelligent somatic awareness.


SmartFLOW Creator & Founder, Annie Carpenter,  her two trainers and Kristina

SmartFLOW Creator & Founder, Annie Carpenter, her trainers, Tiffany Russo & Rachael Sellers with Kristina at Exhale in Venice, California

“SmartFLOW® Yoga celebrates the innate intelligence of juicy, flowing movement! This training couples classical yoga, with its rigor and discipline, and the modernity of anatomy and fluid transitions. The SmartFLOW Teacher Training offers you a strong foundation, yet remains in-depth with its emphasis on methodology: powerful principles — physical and spiritual — lead to inspired and creative teaching”

Annie Carpenter

To learn more about SmartFLOW® Yoga, teacher trainings and workshops with Annie, check it out here:



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