Living Retreats

Often retreats are looked as a means to “getaway” from ourselves and our daily lives.  Kristina believes retreats are a way to get more in touch with ourselves and with others, but more importantly with nature so that we may attune our inner being with our outer being.

Kristina leads retreats around the world as well as locally. She integrates Mindful Evolution into her retreats offering a wide selection of ingredients from healthy living coaching, journaling, yoga, meditation, outdoor excursions such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, cooking and/or goal setting.  She aims to educate with a playful demeanor, emphasizing our humanness and our evolution through our experiences, personally and shared.

Upcoming Retreats

beLiving Well Retreat in Idyllwild, California

October 2-5, 2015

photo.PNG-4Kristina and Alana are at it again! Join them for a 4 day weekend retreat in the hillsides of the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California.

Nestled between pine trees and mountains, based at 5,500ft, this beLiving Well retreat is sure to have you grabbing your warm layers, sipping hot cider by the fireside and enjoying the plethora of natural wildlife watching the autumn leaves change. Prepare to dive into a daily yoga practice, long higher altitude hiking excursions, warm afternoon gatherings to creatively de-layer our self-limitating thoughts through journaling, meditation, dyad work and laughter led by beLiving Well’s Director, Kristina Kuzmich Bengala. Participate in education on health and wellness, cooking classes and eating the most delicious homemade recipes daily prepared by the only and only, beLiving Well Holistic Health Coach, Alana Bray Barrey. The early evenings will provide several offerings from the sweetness of restorative yoga, to local live entertainment and sharing in meals. The town of Idyllwild is rich in the arts, specifically with locally talented musicians and artists, yummy food and the company of the enduring locals.

Space is limited so early registration is suggested.

Reserve Your Spot Now With Only $200 Deposit

Yoga/Surf Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

May 2016

Details Coming Soon – Connect To Keep Informed

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