Upcoming Workshops

Spring Into Joy: Handstand & Forearm Balance

Saturday March 21, 2015


Remember when you were a kid and how much joy it brought you to play around on your hands, do cartwheels, flip your world upside down? Join Kristina Kuzmich Bengala for a fun and explorative yoga workshop as we leap into Spring with playful delight!
IMG_2516-4Structurally examining the anatomical shape of our inversions and learning what muscles to engage and how to integrate several pieces of the body together at once will give you accessible tools in your practice. Working with the breath and the discipline of the mind to find concentration, (dharana) you will learn how to move from a place of steadiness and intention while exploring the possibilities in handstands and forearm balance.
This class is open to all levels. It is encouraged that you have a steady and strong downward facing dog or dolphin pose, but not mandatory.
Yoga Bound  /  Carlsbad, CA

Breaking Down The Vinyasa

May 2015

Soleil Yoga Surf in Cardiff, California

Details Soon!


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