Upcoming Events

Living Energy: Lecture, Practice + Meditation on Subtle Body AwarenessLiving Energy Class

Saturday, July 18th
11:30 – 1:30p
Within each of us there resides five layers of Living Energy. These are referred to as the Koshas, or sheaths. Everyday we use our bodies, shifting and moving energy within. As we take time to hold a conscious space, we can begin to witness each layer of our energy movement. Yoga teaches us to be open to moving past what we know and to sense our deeper Self. With education intellectually and practice experientially, we can unlock stagnant or sticky blockages of energy carving a pathway for profound clarity, healing, and sensing our innate freedom and bliss within!
Join Kristina for a rich exploration of the subtle body as she opens up the room for lecture and discussion on Living Energy, followed by a practice in energy awakening, Pranayama techniques and a guided meditation. No yoga experience needed. Only an open mind and heart to explore!

Breaking Down The Vinyasa

Saturday, August 15th
11:30 – 2:30p
Yoga Bound in Carlsbad Village – AT THE NEW STUDIO off of State Street!
CD studioGet back to the basics and fine tune your practice! This fundamental workshop provides helpful anatomical tools, yoga philosophy, and a safety net to explore the vinyasa practice – those downward dogs, chaturanga dandasanas, upward dogs and the jump ups and jump backs. If you have questions on the anatomy of the shoulder, an injury, pre-existing injury; if vinyasas are confusing, challenging or you just want to learn more, this workshop is for you! Understanding our awareness in body mechanics and somatic alignment with the foundational poses is key. It sets the groundwork for our practice so that we can learn to be in a place of moving meditation; with ease and steadiness.
What you will learn:
  • What is Vinyasa and why is it practiced?
  • Sanskrit Translations
  • Structural Anatomy 101 for the Rotator Cuff Muscles
  • Proper Alignment for YOUR Body
  • Explore the “jump back” & “jump up” of the vinyasa
  • Injury Prevention for Happy, Healthy, Yoga Practice

Weekend Yoga + Hiking Retreat  11178245_10101765963352148_337887414961237052_n

October 2 – 4, 2015
Idyllwild, California

Join Kristina and Alana Bray Barrey for a 3 day weekend retreat in the hillsides of the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California. Nestled between pine trees and mountains, based at 5,500ft, this beLiving Well retreat is sure to have you grabbing your warm layers, sipping hot cider by the fireside and enjoying the plethora of natural wildlife watching the autumn leaves change.

Prepare to dive into a daily yoga practice, long higher altitude hiking excursions, warm afternoon gatherings to restore with meditative yoga practices, laughter and mellow vibes led by beLiving Well’s Director, Kristina Kuzmich Bengala. Participate in education on health and wellness, cooking classes and eating the most delicious homemade recipes daily prepared by beLiving Well’s Holistic Health Coach, Alana Bray Barrey.

The early evenings will provide several offerings from the sweetness of restorative yoga to local live entertainment and sharing in meals. The town of Idyllwild is rich in the arts, specifically with locally talented musicians and artists, yummy food and the company of the enduring locals.

100hr Mindful Evolution Yoga Immersionkknamaste

March 12 – April 17th, 2016
Meet every Saturday and Sunday from 1 – 5pm
Yoga Bound in Carlsbad Village
Are you ready to explore the deeper dimensions of yourself? of your yoga practice? of your voice in this world? of your self limitations? of your truth and light? Join Kristina as she leads a one month immersion into Self Realization. Through this in depth immersion into yoga and meditative philosophies, anatomy, prevention, health and wellness, subtle body energy and meditations, structural awareness and the exploration of Being, one will gain personal and professional insights on evolving mindfully in the modern day world of yoga, business and living life. This program is designed to implement a well rounded experiential study for yoga teachers and yoga practictioners to refresh, renew and dive into their practice and teachings.


  • Weekend modules with Kristina (92hrs) Saturday/Sundays 1 – 5pm
  • Guest, Alana Bray Barrey, on Yoga Therapy and Walking Assessment (4hrs)
  • Guest, Dr. John Casey on Vedic Texts (4hrs)
  • Complimentary yoga classes for duration of program
  • Anatomy + Injury + Preventative Care in the Asanas
  • Hands-On Adjustments & Modifications
  • Learn To Use Your Voice Effectively In The World
  • Understand How To Read Bodies + See Lines of Energy
  • Revisit the Beginners Mind in the Practice
  • Yoga As Business + Yoga As Life
  • Meditation Practice + Education
  • Education + Exploration of Restorative Yoga
  • Deepen Awareness on Pranayama + Energy (Kosha + Chakra)
  • Review of the Yoga Sutras
  • Assigned reading material, essays and homework
  • Constructive Feedback & Reviews
  • Yoga Alliance Accredited – hours may be used towards your certification

If you have any questions, please inquire with Kristina at kristina@yogaboundforlife.com