Backbend Workshop at Baja Zen in Todos Santos
Backbend Workshop at Baja Zen in Todos Santos

Kristina is passionate about sharing the lineage of yoga, especially that of SmartFLOW® Yoga and she loves traveling to do so! If you are interested in bringing her to your studio, please connect today!

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Listing of Kristina’s Workshop Offerings:

  • Breaking Down The Vinyasa
    • All Levels. Beginners Welcome
    • This fundamental workshop provides helpful anatomical tools, yoga philosophy, and a safety net to explore the vinyasa practice – those downward dogs, chaturanga dandasanas, upward dogs and the jump ups and jump backs. If you have questions on the anatomy of the shoulder, an injury, pre-existing injury, if vinyasas are confusing, challenging or you just want to learn more, this workshop is for you! Understanding our awareness in body mechanics and somatic alignment with the foundational poses is key. This workshop will help you set the groundwork for a safe and long yoga practice. All levels welcome. Newbies encouraged!
    • What you will learn:
      • Why Vinyasa?
      • Sanskrit Translations
      • Structural Anatomy 101 for the Rotator Cuff Muscles
      • Proper Alignment for YOUR Body
      • Explore the “jump back” of the vinyasa ~ when to and when not to
      • Injury Prevention for Happy, Healthy, Yoga Practice
  • Integrated Flow: The Art of Arm Balancing
    • Level 2, some yoga experienced suggested
    • Do you fear balancing on your hands? Do you love it, but want to know how or even more? Connecting structural anatomy and flowing energy, Kristina will provide a safe, creative and playful atmosphere for you to explore, learn and grasp the myth of inversions and arm balances. Move from a place of integration and anatomical intelligence, letting go of fear, doubt and self-criticism, so that you may be open to new possibilities and lets not forget a good laugh here and there!
  • Knowing Thyself: Understanding Headstand & Shoulderstand
    • All levels. Not suggested for those with previous neck injuries or pre-existing conditions, those with high blood cholesterol or pregnant
    • Deconstruct the King & Queen Asana poses!
    • Understand the Sanskrit terms.
    • Find safe alignment for YOUR body
    • Gather information on the benefits and contraindications
    • Know thyself for when to  practice them or for when to back off
  • Mindfully Evolve: Deep Twists
    lululemon Carlsbad Photoshoot
    lululemon Carlsbad Photoshoot
    • Level 2, or some yoga experience
    • A typical SmartFLOW® Yoga Class, yet longer! This class will intelligently flow from one mindful transition to another, using the breath to fuel the fire as we ride the evolutionary wave of deepening into spaciousness. Twisting asanas challenge us on many levels, particularly when it comes to our comfort both physically and mentally while in the poses. This class incorporates a softness of arriving and a steadiness of mindful intention to BE with what is as it is. We will begin with a slow warm up of traditional sun salutations and pave a clear intention to our practice, building this into a steady yet vigorous sequence of warrior and one-legged poses and gradually incorporating shoulder opening, hip stabilizing, and heart expanding asanas – allowing the body to unwind, the mind to soften and the heart to shine. Opportunities to explore arm balances in twisting asanas will be woven throughout, as well as standing balancing poses blended with insightful seated twists. Arriving into spaciousness, we will open our compassionate hearts in a sequence of back bending options and end class with a sweet, slow and sultry cool down!
  • Find Your Joy Button: An Exploration into Inversions
    Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    • All levels, some yoga experience suggested
    • Who doesn’t love going upside down? Ok, maybe not everyone, but remember when you were a kid and how much joy it brought you to play around on your hands, do cartwheels, flip your world around? This two hour workshop will have you finding that button of joy all over again in a smart, intelligent and fun way!Structurally examining the anatomical shape of our inversions and learning what muscles to engage and how to integrate several pieces of the body together at once will give you accessible tools in your practice. Working with the breath and the discipline of the mind to find concentration, dharana, you will learn how to move from a place of steadiness and intention while exploring the possibilities in handstands, forearm balance and headstand.This class is open to all levels. It is encouraged that you have a steady and strong downward facing dog or dolphin pose, but not mandatory.
  • Discussion & Practicum on Restoratives
    • All levels. No yoga experience required
    • With our lives revolving around the sympathetic system, the flight or fight response, often we don’t take time to relax and turn on the parasympathetic system, our relaxation response. Sleeping and being on technology doesn’t actually help in turing it on either. In fact, we need to practice how to turn on this system so that when things do rev up, we are able to mindfully make a decision to re-act or to act upon it. We can choose to turn on the button. However, if we do not know what this is like majority of the time, it makes it difficult to find that on switch. This 75 minute class is designed for relaxation and renewal. Class will begin with a 15 min discussion on the benefits of this practice followed by a calming and revitalizing 60 min restorative class itself! No yoga experience needed. All levels welcome and encouraged.


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