Living Health

Get Healthy + Get Clear + Build A Holistic Relationship With The Things That Fuel Your Body!

kkpaschimottanasanavariationYour Living Health is a large portion of your mindful living path! When we nourish the body – the vessel that fuels our heart engine and brain engine – we are able to cultivate a healthy and rich mindful practice. Mindful Living doesn’t just mean sitting on a meditation cushion like a little Buddha! It is a Whole Life Evolution.  Food is our constant power house to keep the body fueled and nourished.  If we are to look at our personal evolution in the mind, we must also learn what we are nourishing our physical bodies with. Rest and sleep – two different things – are also a key component in a healthy and clear mind set for mindful living.

Start asking yourself these simple questions about your eating/living habits. Then Kristina will work with you to set some goals about what you want and help you stay on the path of mindfully evolving to your truth!


What do you eat? What foods are your “stressed out” foods? When do you feel at your best in your eating habits? What holds you back from keeping on a healthy path of eating? What helps you maintain it? How would you describe your relationship with food?


How much water do you typically drink? Did you know that hydration to the body can eliminate illness, increase higher levels of energy and actually help with our stress?


How do you stimulate your body and mind? Do you drink caffeine? If so, which types and how much? What effects does your body have from its intake? What do you notice about our relationship with caffeine?


Do you take drugs or drink alcohol? If so, how much and when during the day/night? Why do you do so? What does it do for you? How does it make you feel before, during, after? What is your relationship with it? Is it social or solo?


How many hours of sleep do you get? Is it consistent? Do you wake easy or sleep deep? Do you need other substances to aid in your sleep?

Kristina is here to help you get clear, get fit and enjoy every moment along the way!

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