beLiving Health

Get Healthy + Get Clear + Build A Holistic Relationship With The Things That Fuel Your Body!

Health and wellness is a large portion of living a mindful path! When we nourish the body – the vessel that fuels our heart engine and brain engine – we are able to cultivate a healthy and rich mindful practice. Mindful Living doesn’t just mean sitting on a meditation cushion like a little Buddha! It is a Whole Life Evolution.  Food is our constant power house to keep the body fueled and nourished.  If we are to look at our personal evolution in the mind, we must also learn what we are nourishing our physical bodies with. Rest and sleep – two different things – are also a key component in a healthy and clear mind set for mindful living.

beLiving Well Programs

beLiving Well is a holistic nutrition program offering seasonal and online 12 day clean eating programs with guidance in nutrition, meditation & yoga. These programs developed during the winter of 2014 with two passionate beings crossed paths and the magic sparked! Together, Kristina and Alana Bray Barrey of Yoga Bound have combined their love and dedication for nutrition, health, yoga, meditation and setting clear goals. The program provides a safe and practical platform for you to partake in, beLieving and empowering you all along the journey; not to mention some really awesome recipes and insights!

Upcoming Programs

beLiving Well / Autumn Season

Oct 6-17, 2014



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