Your Health Is Your Wealth

Change Starts With You and You Matter!

Living a mindful life is more than what we do on our yoga mats or meditation cushion. I strongly believe that the way we eat, what we ingest, our household cleaning products, skincare regiments and even what we watch effects the mind-body connection and especially our overall well being and health.

Nourishing the body, the vessel that fuels our heart engine and brain engine, in a healthy and intentional manner helps to cultivate a rich mindful practice. I will admit, this practice can be challenging at times. But we must remember that living a mindful life in modern day is challenging. There are distractions everywhere we turn. It does not mean we have to say “no”, it just means that we understand the distractions and ourselves in a conscious way so that we can make a mindful decision on how we respond. I have found that finding what works for each individual is pivotal in one’s wellness. To do this, one must listen first and foremost and not just react to outside stimulus.

One of the greatest challenges in our modern day is to not automatically react to the constant food stimuluses, as they bombard our minds in billboards, commercials, radio ads, etc. Food is the power house keeping the body fueled and nourished. When looking at our personal evolution in the mind, we must also learn what we are nourishing our bodies with. Food is our medicine! But it does not stop here. Once we clean up our eating act, there are so many other powerful ways to tend to the garden of our human body and mind. Working together, we will begin using wellness tools to create a daily lifestyle practice for healthy living that promotes clarity, happiness and productivity for you.

As we transform and evolve, we automatically inspire others through our own living example of wellness and health.

Living healthy is the way of our future for ourselves, our families, our Earth and more importantly for the future of our species. Each of us are the ones who have to take a deep look within and see how we are the change makers. It is my pleasure to work with you to start this path, creating a clear map for success and having fun along the way!

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