Kristina is so grateful and honored to be in some form of partnership with these companies and associations!


Director of Public Relations & Community Outreach

Oct 2012 ~ BB Cold Food Storage & 2nd School Complete!

Kristina volunteers on the Bridges Between Council as the representative of Public Relations and Community Outreach director. Bridges Between is a non-profit organization based out of Snowmass, Colorado. It was created by founder, Brooke Paparo in 2009.

Bridges Between (BB) imagines a world where all women are literate and able to share knowledge within their families, theircommunities, and throughout the world. BB’s mission is to connect women of the world and provide an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. BB’s goal is to make this possible by opening 10 schools in 10 Nepalese villages. The curriculum targets women’s empowerment through education: literacy and health education.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kristina for more information.


lululemon ATHLETICA

Yoga Ambassador, 2012 – current

lululemon photoshoot 2014
lululemon photoshoot 2014

Kristina was honored to be chosen as a lululemon ambassador in Vail, Colorado in October of 2012. Throughout the year, she hosted complimentary yoga classes in the store to locals and tourists. She also partnered with lululemon raising money for Bridges Between hosting a fundraising yoga class at the store and raising money for Bridges Between! Working with lululemon as an ambassador in Vail was such an honor for Kristina and she couldn’t be more happy to accept another two year contract with the lululemon athletica Carlsbad Forum store in Carlsbad, California! Already, working with the Carlsbad lululemon team, they helped Kristina raise nearly $5,000 for Bridges Between. Kristina feels so blessed to continue her ambassadorship and to what the future will hold!

Yoga Ambassador, 2012 – current
Kristina is excited to be a part of the Ahnu Yoga Ambassadorship program. Have you tried these shoes yet?
Yoga Ambassador, 2011 – current
Kristina has been a Manduka Yoga Ambassador since 2011, promoting their eco-friendly products to her students and community!