Massage Bodywork Services


Mindful Evolution Living doesn’t mean only sitting on a meditation cushion like a little Buddha! It is a Whole Life Evolution. It is how we treat our bodies everyday, what we ingest into them and our ability to restore and regenerate our cells in a holistic and healthy way.

Kristina has 1000 hours of therapeutic bodywork training and is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in Colorado and a certified massage therapist (CMT) in California. She offers varying modalities of healing bodywork onsite or off-site, in the comfort of your own home and rental/vacation home.


Massage Hours  @CHIRO4Life Solana Beach

Tuesdays  1-6pm

Thursdays  1-6pm

60m $75  :  90m $120  : gratuity not included

If you would like to book in the comfort of your own home or rental home, prices vary. Please call to inquire.

Mindful Evolution Massage

A massage incorporating various stretching, compression and deep tissue pressure to the body, working to mindfully promote alignment, understanding anatomical structure of the body and self homework to keep you in daily health. This massage may include a combination of passive and active yoga poses and athletic stretches.

Deeply Cleanse Massage

Working with trigger points, deep pressure is applied to release built up blocks of energy, knots and tightness in the body to slowly and mindfully release deep tissue tension and stress.

Restoration Massage

A relaxation massage that promotes circulation of the blood throughout the body with long smooth and seamless strokes, promoting subtle body cleansing, renewing of skin cells and muscles, while restoring the overall body and mind, leaving you revitalized and ready to take on the day!

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Package pricing available. Please inquire.

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