Kristina Kuzmich

Hello! I’m Kristina; a teacher and a forever student, a mover and a shaker and nature lover!

Since a young age, I have been a natural born leader and an athlete. I fell into the leadership role numerous times often learning as I went along. My college years landed me into the fine dining restaurant business, which I continued on afterwords expanding into several years of management, tending bar and directing wine programs for high-end establishments. During that time,  I gained education and awareness into Tibetan Buddhist meditative practices while attending graduate school at Naropa University. I then went on to complete my massage therapy certificate and while still in the restaurant world, thoroughly enjoyed teaching the restaurant staff about food and in particular, wine! After awhile, I finally put my massage therapy degree to use and left the restaurant industry to help others heal physically and energetically. It became apparent that massage wasn’t the only way for me to help others and I began to integrate my studies and practice in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, yoga and somatic healing therapies together. This is where and when I created Mindful Evolution. I believe that the more we explore and inquire, learning our inner Self, we find clarity, opening up the channel to speak truthfully and to live a free and authentic life!

The traveling vagabond life I have had the joy of experiencing has led me to many residences, adventures and inquiry around the globe, but most recently in 2013, I landed with my partner, James and our cat, Oscar in the southern California beach town of Cardiff/Encinitas. I have been blessed to work alongside great companies, such as lululemon, Ahnu, Manduka and Owaves, as an ambassador promoting community growth and awareness on mindful living. I whole-heartedly believe in the healing power of essential oils and enjoy teaching others how to integrate clean products into everyday life for health and wellness.

I teach weekly classes, private sessions for individuals and/or groups, restoratives, meditation, workshops, trainings, lead health and wellness programs, and host local and international yoga retreats. But besides all that stuff, I am a lover of nature, food and dancing, as well as a mountain gypsy and I take every advantage I can to hike, camp, and cook! Sprinkle some rock climbing in here and good quality time with my partner, and loves ones, as well as the new family addition, Remington, our pup, I am one laid back lady.

Here are some of my credentials that have helped me get to where I am today!

  • 500hr E-RYT
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified SmartFLOW® Yoga Teacher
  • Hold over 5,000 hours of training in yoga and massage healing therapies
  • Wellness Guide + Advocate for Essential Oils Living
  • Program Director at Yoga Bound
  • Owner of Mindful Evolution

Also, I am available for private sessions as well as corporate or group workshops and trainings in yoga, meditation, wellness, essential oils and tools to live mindfully in modern times. Please contact me directly to schedule an appointment. You can also keep updated with my special events by joining the monthly NEWSLETTER!