Kuzmich Photo

Kuzmich Photo

“The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit within you”

With deep appreciation and respect for…

The Earth, The Sky, The Mountains, The Ocean…this Universe, thank you for bringing me on

Nature & Music, for helping me connect to my soul, feel and be expressive!

My students who inspire me every time I teach

James Bengala, my P.I.C. my love, my best friend, my husband

My Family who is scattered all over the country yet we stay connected

Oscar, my cat, who reminds me to be patient and enjoy the moments

Ashley Wilson, with Kuzmich Photography for being my beautiful sister, creative and giving

Kiara Boch, my friend, soul-sister, teacher and yogini spirit

Cailey DeRing Wilson, my winter flower…need I say more

Alana Bray Barrey, my yogini soul sister like I have never known – what a blessing it is to co-create and wake up together as we sprinkle that shit all over the world!

Anne Marie Kay, my prana-fied gypsy sister with probably the biggest heart I have ever seen!

The yoga community (kula) at Exhale Sacred Center of Movement in Venice, California

The yoga kula in Vail, Colorado

The yoga kula of Yoga Off Broadway in Eagle, Colorado

The yoga shangha at Yoga Bound in Carlsbad, California

The yoga shanghai at Soleil Yoga in Cardiff by the Sea, California

Thich Nhat Hanh, my teacher to bring me back to what is Real.

Annie Carpenter, my devoted, wise and constant teacher

Tiffany Russo, my yogini sister, teacher, mentor and dear friend

Rachael Sellers, my yogini sister and friend

Jamie Elmer, my yogini sister, teacher and friend

Sara Beth Grizzle, my southern Moscow Mule filled with deep love and respectful sisterhood.

Nancy Kate Williams, for inspiring me to think outside of the box

Brock Cahill, for inspiring and reminding me to be a better human to mother earth!

For these talented artists:

Sean Boggs Photography

Ryan Bregante Photography

Garnick Moore Photography

Epic PhotoJournalism

For these wise words (only a few of my most treasured):

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Light on Yoga

The Upanishads

Anatomy of the Spirit

True Love: A Practice of Awakening the Heart

Touching Peace

The Heart of Leadership

Wherever you go, there you are

Other inspirational people who have taught me and continue to do so…

Jesus Christ


Dalai Lama

Alan Watts

John Kabat-Zinn

B. K. S. Iyengar

Caroline Myss

Sabina Spencer

Chogyam Trungpa

Pema Chodron

Stephen Levine


For these organizations that support me and help me meet/reach and find my goals!

Lululemon Athletica, bringing me on the ambassador team at lulu in Vail, Co and continuing to support me in Cali!

Manduka, making me an ambassador and sharing your eco friendly mats!

Ahnu, wearing good shoes is a must… all yogis know this :) thank you for making me an ambassador!

Bridges Between, no words could ever describe my gratitude…

Todos Aventura, retreats, fun, surf, sun, love, yoga. thank you.

Baja Zen, deepest gratitude…excited to see you again!

YOGO, my newest ambassadorship sets sail – here we go!

For these organizations that encourage me to share myself, give more and be a better person…

Girl PoweHER


Children’s Global Alliance

Compassion it.

Kurmalliance Turtletribe


Yoga Earth

Yoga World Reach

Camp Out For The Cause


Yoga Vibes

Elephant Journal

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