Written Work

Kristina not only as a love for taking the pen to the paper or in this day and age, the keys to the computer, but she has incorporated her writing as a part of  her own personal livingME! She is honored to be asked to write for several different health and wellness online magazines about yoga, meditation and health. Check em out!

The Day I Realized I Might Not Be A Yoga Teacher

Riding The Yoga Wave March 4, 2013/SPACe for Wellness

KK’s Earth Loving Kale Recipe  Feb 7, 2013/SPAce for Wellness

5 Steps To Stay Healthy  Jan 9, 2013

3 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude  Nov 22,2012/Organic Soul

What’s In A Plank Anyway?  Nov 15,2012/Organic Soul

Selfless Acts Of Service  Oct 2,2012/Organic Soul

Yoga & Sex: The Consciousness of Desire  Sept 21,2012/Organic Soul

What’s A Yogi? A Deeper Understanding  Sept 11,2012/Organic Soul

Yoga For You: Find The Right Teacher  Sept 2,2012/Organic Soul

Yoga For You: What Style is Best?  Aug 27,2012/Organic Soul

Yoga For You: A Style Guide  Aug 17, 2012/Organic Soul

Fight The Onset Of The Common Cold  Aug 20,2012

5 Reasons To Be-Friend Anxiety  July 28,2012

5 Things To Consider After You Juice  June 17,2012

10 Things To Consider Before You Juice  June 14,2012

Carry Your Ego And Lead With Your Heart  June 2,2012

On Loving Kindness  June 1,2012

Coming into Unity  May 28,2012

An Invitation to Invite  May 26,2012

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