Fight the Onset Of The Common Cold

It’s mid afternoon and you have been hard at it, working away on that sweet mind blowing presentation, the weekly laundry and deep house clean, or finalizing the plans for the long awaited family trip of the year.  You start to feel it.  The little itch in your throat.  Is it allergies?  Yes.  It has to be.  You can’t get sick. But a couple more hours go by and it’s still there, and now even worse than before.  A heaviness starts to weigh in on your cheekbones and the itch starts to create the infamous dry cough.  Oh no!

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Fight the Onset of the Common Cold

1. Up the H2O 

“But I already drink a ton of water”, you say.  Yeah, well, drink more.  And a lot more. All living things must have water to survive.  This we know. When you are sick or the onset of sickness is teasing you, drinking water will hydrate, replenish and restore your body.  It will also help to flush toxins and illness out of your system.

2. Get Some Rest

If you feel the onset of a cold or flu, make time to take time. Get some rest. When we are stressed or ill,the body has to work twice as hard as when it is not. Taking time to enjoy a hot bath, lather yourself up in lavender oil and close your eyes even if it is mid afternoon, will actually increase your chances of not plunging into full blown sickness.

3. Add Citrus  

Adding lemon to your water boosts the immune system. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds. They also have a “high level of potassium, helping to stimulate brain and nerve function.” Lemon is also a natural directic, increasing your trips to the porcalin throne.  This may seem annoying, but know that you are helping to purify your body, pushing toxins, ie. sickness, out of your body.

4. Ward off Vampires

Eat some garlic. “Garlic consumption is effective for strengthening the immune system and will even help prevent many colds. When symptoms first appear take a garlic supplement or drink garlic tea to boost the body’s disease-fighting strength. Garlic tea will also soothe a sore throat and cough”. Not everyone loves garlic, so actually taking the recommended amount of 1-2 cloves each day may be really challenging. There are supplements that you can purchase and consume instead. Even if you enjoy heaps of garlic, like I do, that common cold may come around the corner to flirt with you still.  If so, up the anti on your garlic cloves or supplements.

5. Drink Special Tea

Don’t get to excited; it’s not that type of special tea. But if it is able to keep the sickness from coming on, then it sure is special. There are several very simple teas that you can make to kick that cold. Just note that some may be harder to digest than others. Here is one for you to start with. Bring water to a boil. Once at a boil, reduce heat to medium, add one lightly diced garlic clove and fresh ginger slices (slices will vary in amount depending on the shape of the ginger). Add one sliced lemon and steep all together for 15-20 minutes or you can skip steeping the lemon and just squeeze fresh lemon into the mixture. Strain the remains into a mug and sip. Can’t handle the garlic, skip it and add a little Cayenne pepper instead and you can always add honey to sweeten it up.

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