Live Mindfully ~ Evolve Daily

It is Time.

Find Clarity + Get Healthy + Make It Happen!

Kristina Kuzmich created Mindful Evolution – a life system built on yogic philosophy, healthy eating and mindful personal and professional growth by utilizing differing practices of yoga, meditation, goal setting, fitness, health and somatic therapies.

Why Kristina created Mindful Evolution?

A natural born leader, Kristina was an athlete from a young age and fell into the captain role several times. Her college years dropped her into the restaurant business, which she continued on afterwords expanding into several years of management, tending bar and directing wine programs for fine dining establishments. Finally, putting her massage therapy degree to use, she left the fine dining industry to truly help others on a physical and energetic level. It became apparent that massage wasn’t the only way for her to help others and she began to integrate her studies and practice in meditation, yoga and somatic therapies together. Soon, her dear friends and locale acquaintances began to seek Kristina to help them with their personal visions and business goals. It became very clear to her that she had more to offer than just one thing. In 2012, she created Mindful Evolution, combining all of her gifts in hopes to help YOU get clear in YOUR life, find YOUR innate joy and be confident, happy and elated to share it with the world!

Join the Evolution of Awake-ning!

Living Health!

Learn how to stay true to your fitness goals, keep on a healthy eating plan, enjoy food like you have never before, and be genuinely happier because you have created a healthy relationship with food!

Understand food pairings that work for your body and have fun with it! Join one of the beLiving Well Programs today and start believing in you!

Eat and Be Merry!




Living Yoga!

Get into the yoga practice for the first time or start the journey into subtle body awareness!

Kristina offers classes, private sessions, meditation, general yoga philosophy lessons, retreats and workshops to integrate into your daily lifestyle.

There are lots of ways to get your yoga on – there are many paths to the same mindful evolution! Find yours today and get started on living a fuller, happier and free life in mind, body and spirit.



kkchapasanaLiving Goals!

Vision Boards + Personal Aspirations + Business Plans + Making it Happen

Work directly with Kristina to get clear on what you want and how you want to make it happen. Not sure what you want, start here and begin the journey.

Important Disclaimer: Must be willing to approach such a process with a sense of wonderment.


One thought on “Live Mindfully ~ Evolve Daily

    Thomas Ross said:
    June 21, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Kristina, this is such an important fusion of practices you’re created. I admire you and your work. Tom

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