Mindful Evolution Yoga

Join The Evolution of Waking Up!

Kristina Kuzmich Bengala created Mindful Evolution Yoga – a life system interweaving yogic philosophy into daily health & wellness, personal & professional growth and conscious lifestyle.

Living Health

Begin a mindful healthy and wellness path while learning how to stay true to your fitness goals, keep on a healthy eating plan, enjoy food like you have never before, and be genuinely happier because you have created a healthy relationship with food! Understand food pairings that work for your body and have fun with it. Join one of the beLiving Well Programs today and start believing in you!

Living Yoga

Get into the yoga practice for the first time or start the journey into subtle body awareness. Kristina offers group classes, private sessions, meditation, general yoga philosophy lessons, retreats and workshops to integrate into your daily lifestyle. There are lots of ways to get your yoga on – there are many paths to the same mindful evolution! Find yours today and start living a fuller, happier and free life in mind, body and spirit.

Living Retreats

Often retreats are looked as a means to “getaway” from ourselves and our daily lives.  Kristina believes retreats are a way to get more in touch with ourselves and with others, but more importantly with nature so that we may re-tune our inner being with our outer being. Kristina leads retreats around the world as well as locally. She integrates Mindful Evolution into her retreats offering a wide selection of ingredients from healthy living coaching, journaling, yoga, meditation, outdoor excursions such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, cooking and/or goal setting.  She aims to educate with a playful demeanor, emphasizing our humanness and our evolution through our experiences.


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