Mindful Evolution Yoga

Live Mindfully – Evolve Daily

Kristina Kuzmich Bengala created Mindful Evolution Yoga – a life system interweaving yogic philosophy into daily health & wellness, personal & professional growth and conscious living. Kristina works with you one on one or in a group setting helping you to find your inner drive, life’s passions and to set clear goals to create a healthy, whole and mindful evolution! Integrating yoga, health & wellness with experiential work, this is a well rounded platform for your personal and professional growth.


“I highly recommend Kristina for all aspects of wellness, yoga and healthy lifestyle programs. She knows her stuff (she’s taken the time to train and learn), she genuinely cares and connects and she is one of the most devoted to impacting lives in a positive way! Kristina is truly a treasure to know and a source of light and joy.”  ~ Patty Callahan, Owner of True Hot Yoga

“Kristina is hands down the best instructor I have ever had – her ability to address injuries and provide challenges result in safe, fun and ever-changing adventure. Her personable, intuitive, creative and intelligent style make her a joy to know.”  ~ Sarah Dorman

“I highly recommend Kristina she has proven to posses deep understanding and passion about her work. Her dedication and persistance, along with guided intellect and insight have created a provider of care and teaching.”  ~ Jack Affleck, Photographer

I love Kristina’s view on life, she is responsible, maintains compassion even in difficult situations, love what she does, can find joy in challenging situations and knows she is responsible for her experiences. Kristina is an amazing friend, teacher and influential part of her community.”  ~ Maria DiSimone, Owner Prapatti 

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